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Friday, February 13, 2009

Karmic Relationships: Finding the Balance Within

All the different types of relationships give us the opportunity for personal development.

The suggestion of Karma in a relationship is not a pleasurable thought, no matter how it is manifesting in one's life; but powerful relationships, whether good or bad, almost certainly have a Karmic underlay to them.

In a Karmic relationship, the lessons that we have to learn from each other can be as varied as life itself. One may be certain however, that the lesson will be deep, personal and will demand inner strength.

When we experience the Karma involved in a relationship, we tend to find ourselves feeling without control over the circumstances and events, and at a loss of how to act and react to those situations. It is our belief, that while all Soulmate connections are Karmic, but not all Karmic relationships involve Soulmates.

As a general rule, the Karmic model is only completely understood with clarity, AFTER the lesson is learned. Karmic relationships are valuable gifts that can facilitate us on our spiritual journey. This can only occur however, if we're ready to let go of the Ego.

So don't dread that all Karmic love relationships have to be demanding and complicated. As we choose to be more mindful, we can transform negative patterns by choosing more conscious and loving behaviors.

We can convert Karma into Dharma though the alchemy of our desires into our Intentions.

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