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Thursday, March 24, 2011

What if... today were your last day to live?

Hello Everyone,

This 3 min. video will make you think. Though the title may sound a little "heavy," watching it will help you connect once again with the active presence of love that resides inside each one of us. That part of you that innately knows the importance of coming from LOVE, instead of needing to be "right."

Anger and blame are such a waste of time...and a life. Come from love and I guarantee you, you will have a LIFE you'll LOVE.

IN THE END, WHAT MATTERS MOST IS HOW MUCH AND HOW OFTEN YOU SHARE LOVE. It's never too late to BE the YOU you always wanted to BE. Leave a legacy of kindness, hope and love... It's good for you, good for me and ALL humanity. :)

Thank you my dear friend Pamela Gregory for sharing with us.... :) ♥

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