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Monday, May 24, 2010

Singing To Your Loved One.

Every morning my husband and I sing a favorite song to each other. We choose the song the night before. When I woke up this morning, here's the song "my Tark" sang to me. He has such a beautiful voice. You would never know he's sick. He is truly my soulmate. Try singing to your loved ones in the morning. . .cleanses the soul and brings sunshine to your day.

Here's the lyrics:
"A," you're adorable, "B," you're so beautiful,
"C," you're a cutie full of charms.
"D," you're a darling and "E," you're exciting
And "F," you're a feather in my arms.
"G," you look good to me, "H," you're so heavenly,
"I," you're the one I idolize.
"J," we're like Jack and Jill, "K," you're so kissable,
"L," is the lovelight in your eyes.

"M," "N," "O," "P," I could go on all day.
"Q," "R," "S," "T," alphabetically speaking, you're OK.

U," made my life complete, "V," means you're very sweet,
Double-"U" "X" "Y" "Zee."
It's fun to wander through the alphabet with you
To tell you what you mean to me.
(repeat the chorus)

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