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Thursday, April 08, 2010

What is SparkAmerica?

SparkAmerica is a health and fitness challenge designed to motivate Americans to improve their health by taking small consistent positive action steps.

SparkPeople members can participate in the challenge simply by logging their fitness minutes on the site using our normal fitness trackers (calories burned tracker, strength tracker, and Quick Track). Your fitness minutes will go towards the overall SparkAmerica total minutes and also towards the total for your local city, state and country.

You can also keep up with your personal fitness minute goals and totals on this page. At SparkPeople, we've always found that small consistent actions – even small ones like doing 10 minutes of light exercise several times per week – can make someone’s chances of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle skyrocket. SparkAmerica is a fun and positive way to accomplish this!

So here's our advice. If you're looking for a healthy lifestyle and friends to join you along the way, come join us.

Hey, if you want to join Tark & me on SparkPeople, just go to our page or go directly to SparkPeople

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