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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Jeff Brown takes us along a bridge of consciousness, a stepping out into the heart of our spiritual journey- from false path to true path, from misidentification to authenticity. Rather than pretending the crossing is easy, he takes us through some of the challenges on this perilous crossing- a holy patchwork of old patterns, obstacles, unrealistic expectations- as we work our way to the other side. This is the nature of Soulshaping- we excavate our callings and lessons, and then we get to work embodying them. It is the honoring of our callings and lessons that transforms the soul to the next stage on its movement toward wholeness. On the crossing, he introduces some of the new paradigm language he included in his book 'Soulshaping', including the terms 'soulular phone', 'truth aches', 'cell your soul', and 'enrealment'. A no-nonsense spiritual warrior's approach to path that is grounded, heartfelt and realistic.

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