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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mary's Story

Documentary: It was 28 years ago on a Wednesday evening September 23, 1981 that our founder, Mary Elizabeth Yoder, was with seven of her family members when a drunk driver struck their car. Their father, Arnold C. Yoder, died within two hours. It is in honor of his life that together we are building TheACY's "Heal-a-Heart" legacy. Mary's life went upside down and inside out until she finally created the proper environment to fully grieve her loss. She now realizes that on the other side of this story is another human being, a man who simply made a bad choice. The Foundation exists to create avenues for empowering "victims" and "offenders" on their unique journey through grief - forgiveness - healing.

"When you 'Heal-a-Heart' you heal a life. Everyone's grief - forgiveness - healing process is unique. Wherever you are is perfect." Says Mary Elizabeth Yoder, founder and executive director; "Forgiving the man responsible for my father's death has been the biggest key to restoring peace in my heart. Within each of us is the capacity to heal and forgive." "Triumphing over tragedy through the power of forgiveness. It is the pathway to freedom and opening to love."

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