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Sunday, August 09, 2009

How Big Is The Universe

from John Victor Crocker's blog. . .

Sometimes...not often, I think about how big the Universe really is and how small I am in proportion to it. It gives me a little better 'perspective' on some things.

I imagine, when I hear about how 'the universe' is able to provide everything I need, that this is true. Then I think about WHO created the universe, with all it's wonders and details. Who created unique and different that even my fingerprints and DNA are different than anyone Else's on this planet.

Looking through a telescope I see one thing...looking through a microscope I see the same thing from a different perspective. It gives me a lot to think about...and I'm in awe. I exist and am a little part of the 'big picture', a drop of water in a vast ocean. Then the numbers get so huge that the only one that makes any sense is...ONE. One drop...ONE ocean.

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