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Friday, November 07, 2008

Root Yourself In Success

1. Observe yourself!
2. Get amnesia.
3. Allow people their lessons.
4. Reverse the negative .. affirm something new.
5. Do something different.
6. Sit on yourself.
7. Reverse your descriptions and labels.
8. Release resentments.
9. "Cut to the chase" - better known as "Get to the point."
10. Don't ask why.
11. Stop! Stop! Stop!
12. Wait!
13. Show up!
14. Own your 50%
15. Be 100% accountable.
16. Look.
17. LISTEN. "Laying on of ears."
18. Do what's in front of you to do.
19. Less effort, more results.
20. Surrender.
21. Ask.
22. Make a new label, paint a new picture, sing a new song.
23. Rage reduction.
24. Give away what you want.
25. Teach people how to treat you.
26. Initiate integrity.
27. Commitment.
28. Stay in a loving space.
29. Reach out and touch someone.
30. Write, write, write.
31. Teach independence.
32. Establish interdependence.
33. Allow 10-17% dependence.
34. Withholding brings separation and pain.
35. Embracing brings acceptance.
36. Appreciation raises self-esteem, self-esteem increases productivity.
37. Reduce all nagging, complaining, and criticizing to one minute or less.
38. Get a life!
39. Use your imagination.
40. See yourself or the person in question "as if" they already are successful.
41. Release your attachments to the outcome.
42. Discipline with love, logic and firmness.
43. Expect the BEST.
44. Teach boundaries, allow boundaries, have boundaries.
45. There are always two options.
46. Before you can change anyone else, you must first change yourself.
47. Check your mirror!
48. See yourself as an opportunity seeker.
49. REFUSE to accept the negative.
50. Extend your reach, extend your capability.
51. Embrace success, own it, wear it, model it for others to see and affirm.
52. Use words that heal.
53. Turn it over to a higher power, quicker, sooner, faster.
54. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sweety)
55. Get off it!
56. See the humor, have a laugh, give up and smile!
57. Nevertheless.
58. Going through the "red lights" of life.
59. Tell the truth quicker, sooner and faster.
60. Sleep on it!
61. Forgiveness, release & putting love first.

? 1991, Mary Robinson Reynolds

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